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CY Solar

solar groud rackig system solar roof racking system

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 Haining chuangyuan solar energy co., LTD. Is located in haining city, zhejiang province, which is the world famous city of leather clothing and the holy land of tide watching. Is a professional engaged in green and environmental protection of new energy products based on scientific research and development, production technology as the fundamental, to the integrity of sales as a starting point in one of the private comprehensive enterprises. Our company's sales network has been distributed throughout the world.
Our company's main products are solar aluminum frame, panel module frame, solar panel bracket, solar photovoltaic system installation bracket research, development, manufacturing, sales and other aspects. 
The company has a strong technical force, a young team of engineers engaged in development and design, advanced production equipment and testing means, with strict quality control and rich management experience. [详细介绍]
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